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Liner Running and Service Tools

Our liner running and service tools support your ability to efficiently run liners, set them, and prepare for a quality cement bond.

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The quality of well construction affects the profitability of your well. We provide reliable products to ensure your well integrity. Our products include a suite of liner hanger systems, reservoir surveillance solutions, cement heads, flow lock subs, and more.

Running tools are used to run liners, set the hanger and packer, and help execute cementing operations. We offer a wide range of running tools and accessories including junk bonnets, setting tools, packer actuators, and nipples.

The following liner running tools are available:

  • Cement head: single and double plug
  • Lift nipple
  • Junk bonnet
  • HRC setting tool
  • HRS setting tool
  • MRS setting tool
  • S setting tool
  • Packer actuator
  • Stinger and pack-off bushing
  • Plug holder
  • Travel joint
  • Milling and cleaning assembly
  • Cementing Head Single Plug Data Sheet
  • Cementing Head Double Plug Data Sheet
  • HRC Setting Tool Data Sheet
  • HRS Setting Tool Data Sheet
  • Lift Nipple and Junk Bonnet Data Sheet
  • Milling and Cleaning Assembly Data Sheet
  • MRS Setting Tool Data Sheet
  • Packer Actuator Data Sheet
  • Plug Holder Data Sheet
  • S Setting Tool Data Sheet
  • Stinger and Packoff Bushing Data Sheet
  • Travel Joint Data Sheet
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